Fiction 101: The Smart Godlike Naruto Fanfiction

Fiction 101: The Smart Godlike Naruto Fanfiction

Almost everyone in the fiction community knows about the smart godlike naruto fanfiction books. Whether you are an intermediate in fiction, an expert, or an advanced fiction fan, you probably have interacted with the Naruto series. The books are built on the character Naruto. Fiction fans like the books because they express supernatural power and impact, hence the name godlike. The appeal of power and show of might amid opposition in these smart godlike naruto stories leaves every reader yearning for more. Besides, when power comes into play in these series, other critical aspects of life intertwine with the story. It results in a rare jewel of fiction that creates humor, revenge, and war with its casualties and victors.

How Many Stories Do You Find In The Smart Godlike Naruto Fanfiction

However, not all know of the many stories that are part of these series that authors have penned down. Everywhere on social media and fan fiction platforms, professional authors are contributing to the series. Readers now have plenty to pick from to enjoy the series. You will not miss something that will interest you and unravel the whole fiction world. Below are two of the familiar stories found in these intelligent stories.

1. Urban Godlike Doctor

You will not find anywhere else the drama and blood-tinkling tale presented in this smart godlike naruto fanfiction series. Li is the main character of the story. He is weak because of his health. The family taking care of him does not see worth in him. Besides, because of his health, there is nothing much he can contribute to them. And so they throw him into the mountains. It is their best option for him. After all, according to them, he is not worth living but a candidate for death.

Fortunately, Li meets a good samaritan in the mountains. The older adult has medical skills that he uses to cure Li of his ailment. He teaches Li his medical expertise secrets. The life of Li takes on a dramatic shift. Now Li is empowered and is no longer the old Li. He is powerful and burning to regain his inheritance from him. Will he regain it back or lose it forever?

Li goes back to Lin Hai, the city of his origin. Unexpectedly, his life changes so fast. New challenges present themselves for the new Li. His life changes and becomes different forever.

2. Counterback of Godlike Doctor

The story is about the new love for the smart godlike naruto fanfiction fans. Unlike previous stories, the character Chen Feng is an incredible genius. He obtained the recognition of the Archean emperor. However, he faces insurmountable challenges. His love life takes a new twist, with his wife preferring another man over him. Chen does not have the power to counter the enemy and, at the same time, save his wife. In turn, he is torn between the love web. Will he save his wife and do away with the enemy?

The story takes a different angle as the doctor sent from heaven arrives—good news for Chen but a different mountain to climb.


The smart godlike naruto fanfiction series is an empire of blood-cuddling fiction encounters. It is a new way of entertaining every fiction lover outside there. You will undoubtedly like the series.